31 Jan

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Urban Clothing: The Modern Day Style For Women

Clothing style has evolved so much in the past few centuries and today, there is a clear difference when you take a good look at urban clothing made for women. Designers do not just come up with trends on their own but rather, they check out other industries for ideas and a good example of this is when the music industry of hip hop culture has been a great influence to street style and urban clothing made for women. Women back then were portrayed as the weaker gender but today, they have showed through clothing that they are starting to move ahead of everyone else. Women can now show confidence and power in the style they wear. Another thing making this trend popular is the fact that they do not make power seem so masculine but rather, women get to maintain their curves and their feminine persona. It cannot be denied that everyone would love to stay in comfy clothes all day and urban style definitely exceeds expectation when they created a line that is not just comfy but is also stylish enough. Gone are the days of apple bottom jeans and loose t-shirts because today, women are more inclined to wearing crop tops and tight fitted jeans to show of their sexy bodies. There are some women who want to look like they did not really put much effort into looking sexy but they still want to look good and hence, they put on cute loose sweat shirts.

Urban clothing makes women seem like they are full of energy an enthusiasm in them. The dress you put on showcases the kind of person you are and this is why women are so picky with whatever they wear since they are trying to show people the attitude they have within. Majority of women today buy urban clothing so that they can show the world that they are aggressive and powerful based on their choice of style. Faded jeans and ripped or tattered ones are this generations favorite pair of jean style because they do not only look casual and feel comfy but it also portrays a bad girl attitude that every woman wants to have. For people to truly see the kind of attitude you have within, you can always go for a statement shirt to literally spell out the message you are trying to tell them. If that is still not enough, you can always go for patches, pictures or images of certain mundane things that you iron or sew on to your clothing to not only add more color but also more attitude.

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