02 Apr

Laser Cutters: A Universal Solution in a Number of Industries

Laser cutters have risen to fame in recent years, making their way into large-scale factories, small shops, garages and dedicated hobby nooks across the globe. Precision and versatility make these tools a vital accessory in numerous fields. Laser cutters actually have a hand in creating many household items and systems though few realize their roles in the creation and maintenance of these elements.

How Do Laser Cutters Work?

Laser cutters work by reflecting highly focused lasers, combining them with various types of gas to create visible and functional beams. These beams then burn, melt, abrade or otherwise obliterate their targets depending on the type of cutter and material being used. They generate cleaner cuts and less waste than other cutting options and are often simpler to use.

How Can Laser Cutters Be Used?

Effective on a wide range of different materials and in a number of applications, laser cutters can be used in countless ways. They work well on metal, glass, wood, plastics, fabric, leather and various other media. Some of the most common uses for these tools include:

  • Plumbing: In the plumbing industry, lasers are now being used on aluminum, steel, and PVC among other materials. They aid in cutting pipes and fittings, making certain tasks faster and simpler. Correcting cutting mistakes is also easier with a laser cutter.
  • Glass: From automotive glass to wedding gifts, lasers are capable of cutting, shaping and etching glass by either melting or blowing away the unwanted material.
  • Woodworking: Those who create home furnishings, ornaments, and other items benefit greatly from the use of a laser cutter. While this involves burning shapes and designs, the process doesn’t damage the wood being used or leave visible marks as long as it’s done correctly. It does, however, leave smoother edges than traditional tools.
  • Crafting: From cloth and leather to wood and metal, laser cutters give hobbyists and professionals alike the freedom to create a number of items, such as jewelry and seasonal decor.

Due to the ability to cut or engrave any number of materials without causing damage, laser cutters are immeasurably valuable in countless settings. That being said, different combinations of laser sources and gases are available, each geared toward specific applications. Browse this boss laser cutter review to learn which one might best suit your needs.